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Yintai Investment Company LLC helps ambitious and talented entrepreneurs and creators succeed.

Yintai is an investment company pursuing opportunities in real estate, private equity, and venture capital (with a focus on the entertainment, sports, and technology sectors). Founded in 2016, Yintai is headquartered in Beverly Hills.

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Our Philosophy

Yintai seeks to invest in passionate and fearless entrepreneurs creating the disruptive technologies that will advance society and improve our shared world.​

We believe investing can be both lucrative to individual stakeholders and beneficial to the overall population. Our ideal investments will provide enviable returns while facilitating advances in healthcare, education, arts, youth empowerment, and similarly worthwhile endeavors.​

To help our partner companies achieve their goals, we utilize our expertise and strong connections with incubators, academia, industry leaders, and accomplished entrepreneurs.

What we invest in
We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs and companies, from seed round through later stages, who are developing disruptive technologies for the future. 
Real Estate
Our real estate division invests in high value residential homes ($10M-$30M) as well as other properties with strong appreciation potential.
Sports & Entertainment
We collaborate with world-famous athletes to advance their personal businesses and also invest in feature films (both individually and through project slates), apps, and games.​
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